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Our Fundraising Process

Is there a fundraising program which offers high revenue, enthusiastic repeat customers and a process so efficient and easy that your volunteers will be happy to help year after year? The answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!” Skillington Farms’ homemade pie sales bring you just such a program. We have a fundraising process which takes the stress out of fundraising with minimal time required and maximum profits. 

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To start the discussion, you can either email or call us. We will answer all of your preliminary questions about our pies and our process.

Presentation to Fundraising Committee/ Leadership

Stan will come in and present Skillington Farms to the fundraising leadership team. This is a great opportunity for the leaders to learn more about the business, the process, and how selling frozen, ready-to-bake pies is a sustainable and highly profitable annual funding option.


From the experience we have gained over the years, we will provide guidance for the number of pies your organization will be able to sell. Based on this discussion, we will help your leadership create a sales forecast which will serve as the basis for the foundational order between Skillington Farms and your organization.

Planning Discussion (phone meeting)

  • Identify group coordinator 

  • Define start date, end date and delivery date 

  • Schedule kick-off meeting 

  • Provide order forms and totals form.

Kick-Off Meeting

During this meeting, the group coordinator will share the fundraising plan with the rest of the group so everyone is on track.

Order Form Collection

The group coordinator will collect and retain the completed order forms and send in the totals form to Skillington Farms.


Skillington Farms will deliver the pies directly to your location according to the agreed-on delivery date and time. Our drive-thru checkout procedure eliminates the stress of pick-up by allowing customers to pick up their pies quickly and easily. Essentially, we will set up three stations the parking lot. Customers will stay in their cars and drive thru each station. The first station will have the check-in table. This is where the group coordinator will check totals and edit them if need be. The second station will have the pies. One person will call out which pies the customer needs, and the other will load those pies into the customer’s car. Finally, the third station will have a quality control table. At this station a volunteer will ensure that the customer has all of the correct pies and a photo will be taken of the customer’s order form for record-keeping. This quick, efficient process makes fundraising simple and easy!

Our Incredible Pies

At Skillington Farms we are proud to bring delicious hand-made pies to your family’s table. Each premium pie is a generous ten-inch, deep dish prepared with our special family recipe using the highest quality, all natural ingredients. They are sure to be the best pies you’ve ever eaten and the star of every gathering of family and friends. Our premium pies come frozen and ready-to-bake at your convenience. Each pie is sealed in an air tight package to maintain freshness and placed in a sturdy box to prevent damage from handling.

Apple Pie


Our delicious apple pies are made with the best quality crisp apples and natural ingredients. A flaky crust and savory apple cinnamon filling combine to make one of America’s best loved desserts. This pie is great for a treat after dinner, serving guests, or even during the summer when a slice of warm apple pie ala mode hits just the right spot.

Blueberry Pie


Our tasty blueberry pies are made with sweet juicy blueberries resulting in a bright, full bodied flavor. These pies are great for any time of day in any season. We recommend serving a hot slice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Cherry Pie


Our delectable cherry pies are sweet enough for any occasion. We use only the finest tart red cherries in a filling bursting with flavor and topped with a delightfully flaky crust.

Pumpkin Pie


There’s a reason why pumpkin pies are a classic dessert during the holidays. With a savory crust and a sweet pumpkin filling, our pumpkin pies live up to their name. Serve it after Thanksgiving dinner, at a Christmas get-together, or  any evening when you’re just craving some delicious pie.

Pecan Pie


Pee-CAHN or pee-CAN. However you pronounce it, our pecan pies are made from only the freshest pecans and natural ingredients. Always popular and sure to please, our pies have the perfect combination of sweet nutty-buttery goodness.   Pecan pie is always a great choice for holidays or as an after-dinner treat.

Sugar Cream Pie

Sugar Cream

The sugar cream pie is the state pie of Indiana and for good reason. Our pies live up to their title with their sweet, creamy goodness and delicate crust. These pies are champs at satisfying sweet tooths with their unparalleled flavor.  They are perfect for a treat any day of the year.

About Skillington Pies, a division of Skillington Farms

In 2009, Skillington Farms started selling frozen, homemade pies to the Lebanon High School wrestling team to help with their fundraising. Five years have passed and the wrestling team still gets pie orders from enthusiastic customers each year. Skillington Farms’ efficient and easy fundraising process combined with their delicious frozen pies create great opportunities for sustained and repeated funding for businesses and organizations in need.



Interested in our pies and our process? We would love to hear from you! You can call us at (765) 481-0264 or send us an email by using the contact form to the right. Let us help you simplify your fundraising process today!

We use Skillington Farm Pies for our annual fundraiser.  We have grown every year in sales and the service is great.  Our supporters love these pies and the repeat business makes the fund raising process so easy.  Thanks Skillington Farms for a fun and easy fundraiser!!!

Derek Bocock
Head Coach Lebanon Wrestling Club


We love Skillington Farm pies! We have been a customer for a few years now and have been very pleased with the quality of pies, the variety of flavors, the price, and the customer service.  We love that this is a family owned and operated company and are always happy to order from Skillington Farm Pies for our holiday parties.  Our local high school has been using Skillington Farm Pies for their fundraiser for many years and they have been very happy with the outcome.  We actually have family and friends asking when the pie fundraiser is because they are counting on them for their holiday pies.  Our family will continue to buy Skillington Farms pies as long as they continue making them.
Crystal Dimiceli
Lebanon Wrestling Club
Assistant Fundraising Coordinator 2014

"As a parent volunteer for Lebanon Wrestling program, I have witnessed an increase in sales over the years of our Skillington Farm Pie Fundraiser. Our customers look forward to the pies and our athletes believe in what they are selling due to the excellent quality.  The Skillington Farm staff members are a pleasure to work with and are dedicated to serving the students and community."

Susan Steffy
Lebanon Wrestling Club
Fundraising Coordinator 2014

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